Nikolai Barsukov

Barsukov, Nikolai Platonovich


Born Nov. 8 (20), 1838, in Lipetsk, Tambov Province; died Nov. 23 (Dec. 6), 1906, in St. Petersburg. Russian student of early texts, bibliographer, and historian.

Barsukov was of noble descent. From 1863 he worked on the Archaeographic Commission. In the 1870’s he worked in the archives of the Synod and from 1883 managed the’ archives of the Ministry of Public Education. He is known as a compiler of indexes and bibliographical publications and the author of biographical works. He published several valuable historical sources. The most important of Barsukov’s works are documentary biographies of M. P. Pogodin and P. M. Stroev (P. M. Stroev’s Life and Works, 1878, and M. P. Pogodin’s Life and Works, books 1–22, 1888–1910) and Sources of Russian Hagiography (1882), which is the most complete collection of the lives of native Russian and Slavic saints.


Rudakov, V. E. Khronologicheskii spisok ucheno-literaturnykh trudov N. P. Barsukova. St. Petersburg, 1909.
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There are detailed accounts of his rise to power (Nikolai Barsukov) and rivalry with Malenkov (Elena Zubkova), the latter making the point that, as both were reformers, the outcome would probably have been better had they been able to overcome personality clashes and work together.