Nikolai Bukh

Bukh, Nikolai Konstantinovich


Born Nov. 6 (18), 1853, in Kaluga; died after 1934. Russian revolutionary Narodnik.

In 1873, Bukh entered the Academy of Medicine and Surgery, joined the revolutionary movement in St. Petersburg, and participated in “going out to the people.” In the middle of the 1870’s he was a member of the so-called Southern Rebels group. From 1879 he was a member of Land and Liberty and then of People’s Will. When the printing press of People’s Will was smashed, he offered armed resistance. Bukh was sentenced to 15 years at hard labor in 1880 at the “trial of the 16”; he served a 15-year term of forced labor on the Kara River. He returned from Siberia in 1895 and remained a member of the Socialist Revolutionaries until 1917.

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Professor Per Nikolai Bukh from the School of Economics in Arhus says the higher remunerations are a result of the much more demanding work the boards of directors do now than before.