Nikolai Gavrilov

Gavrilov, Nikolai Andreevich


Born 1886, in the village of Dal’nee Konstantinovo, in present-day Gorky Oblast; died May 1919. Active participant in the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in Siberia. Member of the Communist Party from 1903.

Gavrilov was born into the family of a peasant. He graduated from the Podol’sk Teachers Seminary in 1905. From 1907 he was a member of the Moscow okrug committee of the RSDLP and responsible organizing worker in the Orekhovo-Zuevo raion; in the fall of 1908 he was a member of the Moscow city Party committee and responsible organizing worker in the Lefortovo raion and then Sokorniki raion. He was repeatedly subjected to repression. In March 1917 he became a member of the Irkutsk committee of the RSDLP and of the executive committee of the Irkutsk soviet. In October 1917 he became the secretary of the Irkutsk Province committee of the Bolsheviks. In 1918 he was a member of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the Soviets of Siberia, a member of the Military Revolutionary Staff of Transbaikal Oblast, and a member of the Siberian Sovnarkom (Council of People’s Commissars). During the Semenov uprising Gavrilov did underground work in Blagoveshchensk and Khabarovsk. On May 29, 1919, he was captured by the White Guards and tortured to death (near Chita).


Gody ognevye, gody boevye: Sb. vospominanii. Irkutsk, 1961. Pages 225-35.
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