Nikolai Iakovlevich Aristov

Aristov, Nikolai Iakovlevich


Born 1834 in Tambov Province; died Aug. 26 (Sept. 7), 1882, in Nezhin, Chernigov Province. Russian historian.

Aristov was graduated from the Kazan Seminary in 1858. He taught at the universities of Kazan (1867–69), Warsaw (1869–73), and Khar’kov (1873–75), as well as at the Nezhin Historical and Philological Institute (1875–52). Aristov shared the populist and educational views of A. P. Shchapov and wrote a monograph on him. Aristov studied the economic life of Kievan Rus’ (his master’s dissertation was entitled Industry in Ancient Rus’, 1866), the history of populist movements (Troubles in Moscow During the Reign of Tsarevna Sofia Alekseevna, 1871), and Russian folklore (On the Historical Significance of Russian Robbers’ Songs, 1875).


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