Nikolai Iakovlevich Ozeretskovskii

Ozeretskovskii, Nikolai Iakovlevich


Born 1750, in the village of Ozeretskoe in Dmitrov District, Moscow Province; died Feb. 28 (Mar. 12), 1827, in St. Petersburg. Russian naturalist. Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1782).

From 1768 to 1772, Ozeretskovskii was I. I. Lepekhin’s assistant in an expedition organized by the Academy of Sciences to study Russia’s productive potential. He traveled through the regions of Lakes Onega and Ladoga (1785), Lake Il’men’ (1805), and the upper Volga and Lake Seliger (1814) gathering extensive natural science, ethnographic, and statistical materials. Ozeretskovskii’s works included A Description of [the] Kola [Peninsula] and Astrakhan From the Works of N. Ozeretskovskii (1804) and The Journey of Academician N. Ozeretskovskii to Lakes Ladoga and Onega and Around Lake Il’men’ (1812).


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