Nikolai Ivanovich Annenkov

Annenkov, Nikolai Ivanovich


Born Apr. 21 (May 3), 1819; died Aug. 9 (21), 1889. Russian botanist. Graduated from Moscow University in 1843.

Annenkov worked at the Moscow Farming School from 1844 to 1863. (From 1853 he was its director.) From 1863 to 1875 he was the director of the Uman Horticultural School and the Tsaritsyn Garden in Sofievka, Kiev Province. His main works were on floristics, phenology, acclimatization, and forestry. He published the first Russian herbarium of Moscow flora of 800 species (1849–51) and the Botanical Dictionary (1859 and 1876–78), in which the names of the plants were given in Latin, Russian, and other languages.