Nikolai Ivanovich Anserov

Anserov, Nikolai Ivanovich


Born Dec. 29, 1893 (Jan. 10, 1894), in the village of Kotel’niki, Moscow District; died July 5, 1944, in Moscow. Soviet anthropologist and anatomist.

Anserov was a professor in the medical department of the University of Perm’ (1923–26), the University of Azerbaijan (1927–37), and the Third Medical Institute in Moscow (1937–44). He conducted extensive anthropological research on the population of Azerbaijan, studying some groups for the first time. Anserov connected his anthropological data with the ethnogenesis of some of the researched groups. He developed a method for studying the blood supply to the skeleton with the aid of special so-called clarified preparations; he also made important contributions in age morphology.


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