Nikolai Ivanovich Mikhailov

Mikhailov, Nikolai Ivanovich


Born May 4 (17), 1915, in Rybinsk, now in Yaroslavl Oblast. Soviet physical geographer. Doctor of geographical sciences (1963). Beginning in 1964, a professor in the department of geography at Moscow State University.

Mikhailov’s principal works are devoted to the regional physical geography of the USSR, especially Siberia, as well as to the theory of physicogeographical zonation. Mikhailov was awarded the D. N. Anuchin Prize in 1969.


Sibir’, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1956.
Gory luzhnoi Sibiri. Moscow, 1961.
Fizicheskaia geografiia SSSR: Aziatskaia chast\ 2nd ed. Moscow, 1970. (With N. A. Gvozdetskii.)
Fiziko-geograficheskoe raionirovanie (kurs lektsii), parts 1–3. Moscow, 1960–71.
Fiziko-geograficheskoe raionirovanie SSSR. Moscow, 1968. (Coauthor.)
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