Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhov

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Ryzhov, Nikolai Ivanovich


Born Oct. 18 (31), 1900, in Moscow. Soviet Russian actor. People’s Artist of the USSR (1971).

The son of V. N. Ryzhova, Ryzhov attended the drama courses at the Malyi Theater and the drama school of the Moscow Philharmonic Society. In 1923 he joined the Malyi Theater troupe.

A representative of the realistic school of acting, Ryzhov has created striking and colorful characters, with vivid and sharp details from real life. His best roles have been in the plays of A. N. Ostrovskii: for example, Elesia in Not a Penny, and Suddenly an Altyn, Belogubov in A Profitable Post, Andrei in A Hangover at Someone Else’s Feast, Baraboshev in The Truth Is Good, but Happiness Is Better, Lyniaev in Wolves and Sheep, and Khudobaev in Shines, but Doesn’t Warm. Ryzhov’s other roles have included Joseph Sedley in the stage version of Thackeray’s Vanity Fair, Motyl’kov in Gusev’s Glory, Kolosov in Trenev’s Liubov’ Iarovaia, Blokhin in Stepanov and Popov’s Port Arthur, and Lishev in Lavrenev’s To Those in the Sea.

Ryzhov has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and various medals.

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