Nikolai Markov

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Markov, Nikolai Evgen’evich


(Markov the Second). Born 1866; year of death unknown. Russian political figure; big landlord; reactionary and monarchist. An engineer by education.

Markov joined the Black Hundreds of Kursk in October 1905 and organized the Party of People’s Order (1905) there. In 1907 the party merged with the League of the Russian People, where Markov was a member of the central committee. He left the league over disagreements with its leadership and joined the League of the Archangel Michael, which professed the same goals as the former party. A prominent figure of the united dvorianstvo (nobility or gentry) congresses, he was a deputy to the third and fourth State Dumas from Kursk Province; he was the leader there of the extreme rightists. He made chauvinistic and pogrom-inciting speeches in the State Duma. Markov was in the army of General N. N. ludenich during the Civil War of 1918-20 and later became a White émigré.

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