Nikolai Mikhailovich Lisovskii

Lisovskii, Nikolai Mikhailovich


Born Jan. 1 (13), 1854, in Moscow; died there Sept. 19, 1920. Russian bibliographer and specialist in book science.

Lisovskii was the editor and publisher of the journal Bibliograf (The Bibliographer) from 1884 to 1894. His main work on bibliography was The Russian Periodical Press, 1703–1900 (Section 1, Bibliography of the Russian Periodical Press, Section 2, Summary Tables of the Russian Periodical Press; fascs. 1–4, 1895–1915). In 1915 the first section of this work was published separately as Bibliography of the Russian Periodical Press, 1703–1900 (Materials for a History of Russian Journalism). Lisovskii also compiled indexes to literature on the worker question, music, theater, and materials pertaining to writers, such as A. S. Griboedov and M. lu. Lermontov. He also wrote works on theoretical problems in bibliography and book science, including Bibliography and the Bibliographic Society (1884) and Book Science as a Subject of Instruction: Its Essence and Tasks (1915). Lisovskii worked on problems of printing statistics. He created and was the first to teach a course on book science at Petrograd (1913–17) and Moscow (1916–19) universities. After the October Revolution of 1917, Lisovskii participated in measures aimed at establishing libraries and museums.


Fedorov, I. V. N. M. Lisovskii (1854–1920). Moscow, 1953.


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