Nikolai Mikhailovich Zinovev

Zinov’ev, Nikolai Mikhailovich


Born May 7 (19), 1888, in the village of Diagilevo, in what is now Ivanovo Oblast, RSFSR; died July 1979. Soviet artist; master of Palekh miniature. People’s Artist of the USSR (1974); Hero of Socialist Labor (1978). Member of the CPSU since 1941.

Zinov’ev studied at an icon-painting studio in the village of Palekh from 1902 to 1906. He was one of the first in Palekh to use contemporary themes. Zinov’ev’s miniatures are distinguished by delicate and flowing designs, diverse compositional resolutions, and the refined use of local color. His works include Harvest Holiday (1932, Museum of the Revolution, Moscow), The Song of the Falcon (1933, Palekh Museum) and Ivanovo Workers at the Civil War Front (1940, Palekh Museum). Zinov’ev painted murals for houses of Pioneers in various cities, including Leningrad (1937).

Zinov’ev was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


Iskusstvo Palekha, 2nd ed. Leningrad, 1975.
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