Nikolai Petrov

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Petrov, Nikolai Ivanovich


Born Mar. 31 (Apr. 12), 1840, in the village of Voznesenskoe, now in Makar’ev Raion, Kostroma Oblast; died June 20, 1921, in Kiev. Ukrainian literary scholar. Corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1916) and member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR (1919).

Petrov became a professor at the Kiev Theological Academy in 1876. His chief works are An Outline of the History of Ukrainian Literature of the 19th Century (1884) and An Outline of the History of Ukrainian Literature of the 17th and 18th Centuries (1911). In these works he adhered to the comparative historical method. Petrov also wrote numerous articles on the history of Russian literature and on archaeology, ethnography, and museology.


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According to the political analyst Nikolai Petrov, the authorities launch 18-20 criminal investigations per year into governors, deputy governors and mayors.
Nevertheless, as the political analyst Nikolai Petrov points out, she brings to the campaign"ideas impossible to discuss in the public space." Bold and articulate, Ms Sobchak questions the annexation of Crimea and the endless reign of Putin; she raises the issue of political prisoners; she even asked the president at his December news conference why it was so hard for opposition candidates to campaign, mentioning Navalny's name on national TV.
Nenkov added that he expects to work well with the Health Minister Nikolai Petrov which he knows for a long time ago.
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Born in Greece in November 1982, the artist studied under legendary virtuoso Nikolai Petrov, graduating from the Moscow State Conservatory in 2006 and quickly achieving worldwide acclaim: "Panagiotis Trochopoulos has perfect hands, outstanding technique and everything he needs in order to make a big journey in Music," in the words of legendary Russian pianist, Andrei Gavrilov.
"The question is, what will they do to Navalny now," said Nikolai Petrov, an analyst with the Higher School of Economics, saying he could be given a suspended sentence if the authorities feared protests.
"D'un point de vue tactique, montrer que Poutine est soutenu par beaucoup de monde a un sens en pleine campagne electorale", releve Nikolai Petrov, du centre Carnegie.
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can't deal with everything," said Nikolai Petrov, an analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
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But a Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, backed by his popularity and a parliament that owes allegiance to him, not Medvedev, could be a daunting rival for the new president should the two clash."Conflict between Putin and Medvedev is more than possible, not because of their personal relations, which are good, but because of this complicated and controversial configuration of power," said Nikolai Petrov, an analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
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