Nikolai Pimenov

Pimenov, Nikolai Stepanovich


Born Nov. 24 (Dec. 6), 1812, in St. Petersburg; died there Dec. 5 (17), 1864. Russian sculptor. Son of S. S. Pimenov.

From 1824 to 1833, Pimenov studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under his father and S. I. Gal’berg. He received a stipend from the academy to study in St. Petersburg from 1833 to 1836 and in Rome and Florence from 1837 to 1850. Between 1856 and 1864 he taught at the academy, where his pupils included N. A. Lavretskii, F. F. Kamenskii, and M. A. Chizhov. Pimenov worked in the style of late classicism. He introduced national and genre motifs into his sculptures, which included portraits and monuments.


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