Nikolai Solovtsov

Solovtsov, Nikolai Nikolaevich


(real surname Fedo-rov). Born May 3 (15), 1857, in Orel; died Jan. 12 (25), 1902, in Kiev. Russian actor, director, and theatrical entrepreneur.

Solovtsov began his work on the stage in Orel in 1875 and subsequently performed in Yaroslavl, Saratov, Orenburg, Kazan, and Nizhny Novgorod. In 1882 and 1883 he appeared at the Aleksandrinskii Theater in St. Petersburg, from 1887 to 1889 at the Korsh Theater, and in 1889 and 1890 at the Abramova Theater in Moscow. In the years 1884–1891 he organized annual actors’ troupes, with which he toured Russia in the spring. In 1891, Solovtsov and a group of actors established the Society of Dramatic Artists, which laid the foundation for a permanent Russian theater in Kiev (see). In 1901 he founded a theatrical enterprise in Odessa. Solovtsov popularized the progressive contemporary repertoire, particularly the plays of Chekhov, as well as the classics.

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General Nikolai Solovtsov, the chief of the Russian Missile Forces, went even further and warned the former members of the Soviet bloc that they risked being targeted by Russian missiles if they hosted the sites.
"If a political decision is taken to quit the treaty, the Strategic Missile Forces are ready to carry out this task," Nikolai Solovtsov told a news conference in Moscow.
But some military secrets were opened Dec 17 by the head of Russia's nuclear force Gen Nikolai Solovtsov, who said Putin primarily meant that Moscow within the next few years would deploy land-mobile strategic nuclear missiles for the first time.
(International sales: Actual Film Studio, Moscow.) Produced, directed by Nikolai Solovtsov. Screenplay, Solovtsov, Eduard Volodarsky, based on an original story by Boris Vorobyev.