Nikolai Vasilev

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Vasil’ev, Nikolai Alekseevich


Born June 12, 1871; died 1918. Russian scientist in the field of textile engineering. Graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical College in 1896 and worked for four years in a Yaroslavl textile mill. Taught a course in mechanical engineering of fibrous materials at the Kharkov Technological Institute from 1900 to 1904, and from 1906 in the Moscow Higher Technical College. Professor beginning in 1913.

Vasil’ev’s principal works were on the theory of spinning processes. He gave a scientific explanation for the phenomena that accompany the stretching of fibers. He established scientific principles for constructing spinning plans. Vasil’ev discovered and explained the straightening effect of the carding machine and theoretically illuminated a number of problems concerning the beating and combing of fibers and the twisting and winding of yarns on batch-operated or continuous-feed machines. A number of Vasil’ev’s works are devoted to problems of textile science.


Voprosy teorii priadeniia. Moscow-Leningrad, 1932.


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