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(before 1954, the settlement of Nikol’skaia Pestravka), a city, the center of Nikol’sk Raion, Penza Oblast, RSFSR. Located 27 km south of the Nochka station on the Ruzaevka-Inza railroad line, 120 km northeast of Penza. Population, 23,000 (1974). The city has a glassworks that produces crystalware, colored glass for use in chandeliers, and ordinary tableware with artistic patterns. A hemp-processing plant and a creamery also operate there. An art museum exhibiting objects made of glass and crystal is located in Nikol’sk.



a city, the center of the Nikol’sk Raion, Vologda Oblast, RSFSR. Landing on the lug River in the Northern Dvina basin, located on the Gor’kii-Kotlas highway. The city is 160 km north of the Shar’ia station on the Bui-Kirov railroad line. A creamery and a flax-processing plant are located there. Nikol’sk has been a city since 1780.

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