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(before 1954, the settlement of Nikol’skaia Pestravka), a city, the center of Nikol’sk Raion, Penza Oblast, RSFSR. Located 27 km south of the Nochka station on the Ruzaevka-Inza railroad line, 120 km northeast of Penza. Population, 23,000 (1974). The city has a glassworks that produces crystalware, colored glass for use in chandeliers, and ordinary tableware with artistic patterns. A hemp-processing plant and a creamery also operate there. An art museum exhibiting objects made of glass and crystal is located in Nikol’sk.



a city, the center of the Nikol’sk Raion, Vologda Oblast, RSFSR. Landing on the lug River in the Northern Dvina basin, located on the Gor’kii-Kotlas highway. The city is 160 km north of the Shar’ia station on the Bui-Kirov railroad line. A creamery and a flax-processing plant are located there. Nikol’sk has been a city since 1780.

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Electronic auction: the device of artificial electric lighting, missing means of organizing and regulating traffic on road sections in vologda, gryazovetsk, nikolsk, totem, ustyuzhensk and sheksna districts of the vologda region.
Electronic auction: acquisition of a dwelling (apartment) for orphans and children left without parental care, persons from among orphans and children left without parental care in the city of nikolsk, nikolsky district, penza region
Works have been taken up in the municipalities of Belozersk, Kich-Gorodok, Nikolsk, Nyuksennitsa, Tarnoga, Kharovsk, Chagoda, Mezhdurechye, Totma and Velikiy-Ustyug.
Address : The Russian Federation, 442680, Penza, Nikolsk g, Moscow, 2