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an urban-type settlement in Josna Raion, Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Nikol’skoe is situated on the Tosna River (tributary of the Neva) 6 km from the Sablino railroad station on the Leningrad-Moscow line. Leningrad plants manufacturing ceramics for construction and ceramic articles are located there.

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Sergei had been quite restrained from the start of their acquaintance, but in her new home at Nikolskoe, which, under the supervision of her mother-in-law, runs with quiet solemnity like a "wind-up clock," where days slip by according to an "unchanging routine," and where "habit was daily petrifying our life into one particular shape" (PSS 5: 106, 109, 111), Masha's longing for stimulation is heightened.
Address : 188357, Leningrad Region, Gatchinsky District, Nikolskoe S, Ul Menkovskaya, 10
Open competition: execution of design and survey works on the project: "high-pressure gas pipeline p = 1.2 mpa at the address: moscow region, dmitrovsky district, g / p iksha, near nikolskoe village"
Configured average repair valves 24 at LPDS "Steel Horse", "8H", "Nikolskoe", on the linear portion ISPE Kujbyshev - Bryansk and Ufa - west direction.
a set from the city of vladimir at 684,500, kamchatka territory, aleutsky district, nikolskoe village (bering island), military unit 52020-4 and 684093, kamchatka territory, vilyuchinsk-3, (mountain bezymyannaya), military unit 52020-3 .