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an urban-type settlement in Josna Raion, Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Nikol’skoe is situated on the Tosna River (tributary of the Neva) 6 km from the Sablino railroad station on the Leningrad-Moscow line. Leningrad plants manufacturing ceramics for construction and ceramic articles are located there.

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Nikolsky Honorary Lectureship is given to an individual who reflects the highest ideals, goals and achievements in the field of helicopter and V/STOL aircraft engineering and development.
His presentation - the 36th Annual Nikolsky Honorary Lecture, entitled "50 Years of Industry Perspective" - will be delivered at the 72nd Annual AHS International Forum and Technology Display in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday, May 17, 2016.
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Anton Lavrov and Aleksey Nikolsky then discuss why Ukraine largely neglected its armed forces, letting them deteriorate.
Pianist and academic Kirill Monorosi gave us insight in the editorial process of publishing a previously unknown work discovered as part of his research into the music of Cesar Cui, Louise Devendish talked Australian Contemporary Percussion Music and Dr Tim Nikolsky joined us via Skype to discuss the digital delivery of his Australian Jazz Real Book collection.
11) Aleksey Nikolsky, "Russian Special Operations Forces: Further Development or Stagnation?
Reaching the five million registered users mark speaks volumes about the quality and appeal of Warface," said Vladimir Nikolsky, the Vice President of the Mail.
Stevens-Johnson sendromunda mukozalari tutan, Nikolsky belirtisinin pozitif olabildigi bulloz lezyonlar mevcuttur.
According to an article by Alexei Nikolsky of the AFP news agency, Putin has been made the hero of pop songs and brands of vodka, and a small female sect even believes him to be the reincarnation of Paul the Apostle.
Ates, tum deriyi tutabilen yaygin eritem ve hizla rupture olup genis erozyonlar birakan Nikolsky pozitif gevsek bullerle karakterizedir.