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an urban-type settlement in Josna Raion, Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Nikol’skoe is situated on the Tosna River (tributary of the Neva) 6 km from the Sablino railroad station on the Leningrad-Moscow line. Leningrad plants manufacturing ceramics for construction and ceramic articles are located there.

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Follow-up Patients were followed up regularly and monitored for any side effects of the therapy, clinical activity of the disease in terms of healing of existing lesions, appearance of new lesions and Nikolsky's sign.
Bullae with a positive Nikolsky's sign is present in TEN likewise, mucosal lesions accompany in all conscience.
Se reporta prueba de Nikolsky positiva y ademas se evidencian zonas erosivas muy dolorosas a la palpacion, con sangrado leve en espalda y hombros (figura 3).
Esta estrategia de desove es caracteristica en la biologia evolutiva orientada a preservar descendencia frente a cambios ambientales que afectan la mortalidad natural (Nikolsky, 1963; Vizziano & Berois, 1990).
Mediante diseccion y observacion de las gonadas, se determino el sexo y se categorizo su estado de madurez sexual macroscopico (EMSM), de acuerdo a los criterios propuestos por Nikolsky (1963).
Blistering is commonly induced with mechanical pressure at the edge of a blister or on normal skin, which is known as the Nikolsky sign.
Nikolsky's sign was negative, with no malar or discoid rash, generalized lymphadenopathy, or hepatosplenomegaly.
Bacterial infections were ruled out by sterile pus culture, absence of neutropenia, skin tenderness, and Nikolsky's sign.