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(nēkô`pôl), town (1993 pop. 4,897), N Bulgaria, a port on the Danube River bordering Romania. Farming, viticulture, and fishing are the chief occupations. Founded in 629 by Byzantine emperor Heraclius, Nikopol (then Nicopolis) became a flourishing trade and cultural center of the second Bulgarian kingdom. In 1396 at Nikopol the Ottoman Turks under Beyazid I defeated an army of crusaders led by King Sigismund of Hungary (later Emperor SigismundSigismund
, 1368–1437, Holy Roman emperor (1433–37), German king (1410–37), king of Hungary (1387–1437) and of Bohemia (1419–37), elector of Brandenburg (1376–1415), son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.
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). The Turkish victory removed the last serious obstacle to a Turkish advance on Christian Europe. However, when Timur defeated Beyazid (1402), Europe gained a respite. The Turks strongly fortified Nikopol, which was strategically important during the Russo-Turkish wars (18th–19th cent.), but the city later declined.


(nyĭkô`pəl), city (1989 pop. 158,000), SE Ukraine, on the Dnieper River. It is a rail terminus and the industrial center of one of the world's richest manganese-mining areas. The city has metallurgical plants, machine tool factories, and food-processing and brewing industries. Nikopol stands on the site of one of the earliest trade routes and strategic crossing points over the Dnieper. Manganese production at Nikopol became important in the 19th cent.



a city under oblast jurisdiction in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, located on the Dnieper River on the Kakhovka Reservoir. River port with a station on the Zapo-rozh’e-Krivoi Rog railroad line. Population, 137,000 (1973). Nikopol’ is a major manganese ore mining center. The Nikopol’ Southern Pipe Metallurgical Plant is located there. The city also produces steel alloys, construction and road-building equipment, boilers, machinery, and reinforced-concrete structural members. Other local industries include machine repair, clothing manufacture, and food processing.

The general engineering department of the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute is located in Nikopol’, as well as technicums for metallurgy, water management, and agricultural mechanization. The city also has a school of medicine and a teacher-training school and a Museum of local lore. Nikopol’ arose on the site of the village of Nikitino, which became part of Novorossiia Province in 1774. The village was made a city in 1782.

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In all likelihood, Borisov spoke of the Danube hydro power project between Nikopol and Turnu Magurele.
TIU Canada Ltd., part of the Nikopol Business Community, offers a collaborative approach to the responsible development of natural resources.
The undamaged Nikopol also is under Russian control, Ukraine said.
The individual has not been named by the authorities but has been identified as a 51-year-old Ukrainian national from the city of Nikopol. The person was arrested this week by the Ukrainian cyber policy agency after executing a raid of the accused attacker's home.
"We are on a gold belt that runs from south-west Siberia up to Nikopol. The big problem is the size of the vein and where it is; if it is too deep you have a problem with overburden and mining costs.
My wife and I wanted to see the old Roman provincial capital Nikopol and it was extremely difficult as there were no signs."
The accident occurred at an unguarded train crossing near the village of Maksimovka on the stretch between the cities of Nikopol and Marhanets, the ministry said.
West of Nikopol, Janzen continued in his account, the roads were clogged with long treks of ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche), who were endangered by hungry marauding bands, who called themselves partisans in order to justify their robbery and murder.
While it is possible that Gryphius was thinking of Beyazid, killed by his brother Ottoman Sultan Murad IV about 1638 (later subject of the 1672 play by Racine), the reference to Leunclavius indicates that Gryphius had Beyazid I in mind, the Ottoman ruler who, having defeated Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund in Nikopol, died in 1403 while in the captivity of the conqueror Timur (Tamerlaine, Tamburlaine).
February 8 German-held Nikopol, a key center of manganese production, falls to Soviet troops of the Third Ukrainian Front.
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