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Niles. 1 Village (1990 pop. 28,284), Cook co., NE Ill., a residential suburb adjacent to Chicago, on the Chicago River; settled 1832, inc. 1899. The village has a replica (half size) of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

2 City (1990 pop. 12,458), Berrien co., SW Mich., on the St. Joseph River; inc. 1829. Manufactures include paper and metal products, transportation equipment, and machinery. It was the site of a Jesuit Mission (1690) and of Fort St. Joseph, built by the French (1697). The fort fell to the British (1761), to the Native Americans (Pontiac's Rebellion, 1763), and to the Spanish and Native Americans (1780, 1781). Permanent settlement began in 1827, and as a station on the stagecoach route between Detroit and Chicago, Niles grew as a commercial and industrial center. A botanic garden is in the city, and Ring Lardner was born there.

3 City (1990 pop. 21,128), Trumbull co., NE Ohio, on the Mahoning River; settled 1806, inc. as a city 1895. It produces steel, building materials, and lathes. There is a memorial to President William McKinley, who was born in Niles.

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The Village of Niles Police will host a taco stand, with suggested donations benefiting the Niles Family Services Food Pantry and Shop with a Cop.
Niles are available on, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold worldwide.
Niles ends with an affirmation of story as an effective theological tool in Asia--not just traditional stories for tradition's sake, but stories that capture issues of justice in Asian cultures.
"I was starting to find all the meetings I had to attend just a little too much," says Niles somewhat apologetically.
Neither Niles nor Sherman was aware of any cuts in funding that would affect the Superfund.
Marist piled on seven hits in a row, and Niles replaced Wilkinson with Lantz Cline on the mound.
Tinseltown was just a twinkle in 1912, the year cowboy movie star "Broncho Billy" Anderson arrived in Niles. Soon his silent-film crew was cranking out two movies a week, mostly westerns shot in scenic Niles Canyon.
The train was traveling from Chicago to Port Huron, Michigan, and the attack happened at Niles, Michigan, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) east of Chicago.
When police officers boarded the train in Niles, the suspect started stabbing people.
Damayanthi Niles has done a valuable service in the search for authentic Asian theology today by re-visiting the debate in Tambaram and especially by exploring the way some of the South Asian theologians dealt with it in the course of their own struggle to do theology in the context of resurgent religions in the post-independent South Asian nations like India and Sri Lanka.
Greater Niles Community FCU had been running on a Fiserv CUSA platform, according to the Technology Survey from Callahan & Associates.
Filling a gap in historical literature, this book offers a complete list of the 248 American privateers active during the War of 1812 and the vessels they captured during the war, organizing information scattered throughout editions of Niles' Weekly Register.