Nilgiri Hills

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Nilgiri Hills,

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[Hindi,=steps], two mountain ranges of S India, paralleling the coasts of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal and forming two sides of the Deccan plateau. Anai Mudi (8,841 ft/2,695 m) is the highest peak in the two ranges, which are joined by the Nilgiri Hills in the
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Nilgiri Hills


a mountain massif in India on the southern Hindustan Peninsula, at the junction of the Western and Eastern Ghats. There are elevations to 2,633 m (Mount Dodabetta). The Nilgiri Hills, which are composed of gneisses, porphyries, and crystalline schists, have a plateau-like peak and steep slopes cut by gorges. Tall-grass meadows with patches of evergreen tropical forests and elfin woodlands are common. There are eucalyptus groves and tea and coffee plantations. Mountain resorts, such as Dotacamund and Coonoor, are situated on the massif.

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Get on the heritage trail An ideal way to start your heritage trail of the hill station is to climb aboard the 'Toy Train' run by the Nilgiri Mountain Railway.
By far the biggest tea-producing region is on the slopes of the Nilgiri Hills, or Blue Mountains followed by the lower ranges of the Anamallais Hills or Elephant Mountains and then Munnar with its high ranges, Travancore, the Wayanad Hills and the area around Chikmagalur in Karnataka.
Nilgiris operates a franchisee- operated convenience store chain with 140 outlets in key urban centres in the four southern states and it also owns a portfolio of brands in dairy, bakery, chocolates and staples along Future Group currently confined and west
According to the unnamed source, Nilgiris' enterprise value now would not exceed INR4.5bn (USD72m/EUR53m).
Take off on a leisurely tour in the Nilgiri mountains, the second largest tea-producing region of the country, in search of the perfect cuppa.
We rescued the animal after struggling for five to six hours," said Kannn, Conservator of Forests, Nilgiris Range.
As I have repeatedly shown, there are three Irula groups in the Nilgiris proper (Mele N[bar{a}]du Irulas, V[ddot{e}]tte K[bar{a}]du Irulas, and Kasabas) plus a fourth (Ur[bar{a}]li Irulas) in the larger Nilgiri region (Satyamangalam, and Biligiri-Rangan Hills, northeast of the Nilgiris massif proper).
Nilgiris, in particular, had to reinnovate ways and means of enhancing quality and recapturing the lost demand from the Western markets and Japan.
Tenders are invited for The nilgiris district - upgradation of mrl07 adasholai - anikorai thuneri via sholada road 4.220 km in udhagai block under pmgsy ii 2018-19 in tn18-75
Wellington (Tamil Nadu), Jan 17 (ANI): A group comprising of tribals from Kashmir visited the hill resorts of Wellington, Coonoor and also Udagamandalam in Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu for a first hand experience of socio-economic progress made in rest of India, particularly in the mountainous regions.
In his brief foreword, Emeneau apparently agrees with Hockings that "there seems to be no room for doubt that the sixteenth century is the period of the Badaga migration into the Nilgiris" (pp.
Tea fever soon spread to the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling, and southward to the Nilgiris. By 1860, at least 50 private companies had established tea colonies in an area of Northeast India that became Assam estate.