Nils Gustaf Dalen

Dalen, Nils Gustaf


Born Nov. 30. 1869, in Stenstorp; died Dec. 9, 1937, in Stockholm. Swedish engineer and inventor.

Dalen graduated from the Polytechnical Institute in Zurich. In 1906 he was the chief engineer and after 1909 the director of the Gas Accumulator Company. He perfected the design of gas turbines and other machines. Dalen invented a device for automatically igniting and extinguishing a flame, a device used in beacons and elsewhere. He received the Nobel Prize in 1912.

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17 Nils Gustaf Dalen won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1912 for a device that helped to automate lighthouses - but what did he invent a decade later, despite being blind, that takes pride of place in many British kitchens?