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, city (1994 pop. 147,018), Gelderland prov., E Netherlands, on the Waal River, near the German border. It is a rail and water transportation point and an industrial center. Its manufactures include metal products, paper, clothing, and soap.
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Para identificar los postulados centrales de la APN se utilizan el clasico libro de Hammer y Champy (1994) y el de Harrington, Esseling y Nimwegen (1997) como los trabajos que proporcionan la lista mas completa de los criterios para la evaluacion de los procesos.
Some examples of studies are Van Nimwegen et al, 2002, Sobotka, 2004, Ni Bhrolchain and Toulemon, 2005 and Billari, 2005.
Del mismo modo, una organizacion de la informacion adecuada del sitio web proporciona al individuo un contexto de referencia claro en el que se enmarca cada contenido o informacion del sitio (MCGOVERN y NORTON, 2002, PARK y KIM, 2000; VAN OOSTENDORP y VAN NIMWEGEN, 1998; YU y ROH, 2002).
Van Nimwegen, Pouw, and van Oostendorp (1999) reported similar results.
Donald Van Nimwegen, a Seattle anesthesiologist with Healing the Children, who coordinated a cooperative effort with private and government agencies to bring Mawarni to the United States.
Don Van Nimwegen, an anesthesiologist based in Seattle, started working with Healing the Children about 10 years ago, both on a national level and with the California chapter, which Embleton established in early 1993.
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After these hostilities were concluded by the Peace of Nimwegen in 1678-79, the Pfalz's impotence was highlighted yet again by Louis's policy of reunions or annexations.
Despite his teacher training, Jan became a sportswriter for a paper in Batavia using his first pseudonym, Jan van Nimwegen, after an alternative spelling of the town where he was born and as a spoof on the title of a medieval morality play located there.
The merits of game-based learning (GBL) include supporting effective learning (Connolly, Boyle, MacArthur, Hainey, & Boyle, 2012; Wouters, van Nimwegen, van Oostendorp, & van der Spek, 2013), enhancing higher order thinking (Sanchez & Olivares, 2011; Yang, 2015), increasing problem-solving skills (Akcaoglu & Koehler, 2014; van de Sande, Segers, & Verhoeven, 2015), and promoting engagement (Annetta, Minogue, Holmes, & Cheng, 2009; Hsieh, Lin, & Hou, 2015).
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