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"Sixty percent AMI is where the demand is," Van Nimwegen says.
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(ii) FAST (Fast Analyses Solution Technique): allows the rapid improvement of a process, giving immediate returns to the organization (Harrington, Esseling and Nimwegen, 1997);
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In addition, including the participants (e.g., JC Penney's mission statement) in the mission statement demonstrates that the company cares for these stakeholders, which include resource providers such as customers and employees and the non-resource providers such as the community, and the environment (van Nimwegen, Bollen, Hassink, and Thijssens, 2008).
En este sentido, algunos autores afirman que basarse unicamente en la carga cognitiva no es suficiente, e incluso puede ser contraproducente a la hora de evaluar los logros de aprendizaje (van Nimwegen, Burgos, van Oostendorp & Schijf, 2006).
A further problem at a diplomatic level with regard to the Dutch Republic's neutrality is the 'barrier' in the Southern Low Countries (Denys 115-139, Van Nimwegen 147-173).