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a goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp a poet


OR-parallel logic programming.


(1) (MultiUser Simulation Environment, MultiUser Shared Environment) See MUD.

(2) (MUltiple Sub-Nyquist sampling Encoding) The compression system used in Japan's first HD TV system. See Hi-Vision.

(3) A computer developed at the University of Manchester in the late 1950s. See BABY.
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The research project is part of a larger awareness campaign by Nine Muses, who have supported the creation of a number of artworks depicting Brother Walfrid.
The work of Akomfrah in The Nine Muses is to take this archive and set it on a detour away from the destinations perpetuity seems to have promised it.
Joseph's father might well be one of the nine muses, as the case be: Calliope for epic poetry, Clio for history, Euterpe for lyric poetry, Melpomene for tragedy, Terpsichore for choral dance and song, Erato for love poetry, Polyhymnia for sacred poetry, Urania for astronomy, Thalia for comedy.
I must also mention the Nine Muses, the Three Graces, Bacchus, the Maenads, the Panthers, the Fauns, and I owe very hearty thanks to Apollo.
50 Bath In Greek mythology, Terpsichore, which translates as 'delight in dancing' was one of the nine Muses, ruling over dance and the dramatic chorus.
The pair had also successfully brought K-pop band Nine Muses and Korean pop star Seo In Young to perform at Beats on the Beach in Abu Dhabi last year.
The Nine Muses (PG): John Akomfrah's lyrical experimental documentary about mass migration to post War Britain using archive imagery and footage of wintry Alaskan landscapes.
The Nine Muses, daughters of Zeus and Memory, patron goddesses of poetry and the arts, are among the most familiar figures of literary mythology.
Built on a series of levels, the spectacular ruins of Cyrene include the Sanctuary and Temple of Apollo, the Acropolis, the Agora, the Forum, the Stoa of Hermes and Heracles, the House of Jason Magnus, the Nine Muses and the Temple of Zeus.
Korean girl-group Nine Muses and J-Cole hit the stage with some very different pop and rap performances.
Off the island, the Abu Dhabi corniche beach concerts will feature performances from superstars including Lebanese icon Najwa Karam, Saber Al Robai, British RnB sensation Jay Sean, Wyclef Jean, K-Pop artists Seo in Young, and Nine Muses, the statement said.
They celebrated their union with their parents and close friends at the Nine Muses Hotel and the Flamingo Taverna in Skala village.