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a goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp a poet


OR-parallel logic programming.


(1) (MultiUser Simulation Environment, MultiUser Shared Environment) See MUD.

(2) (MUltiple Sub-Nyquist sampling Encoding) The compression system used in Japan's first HD TV system. See Hi-Vision.

(3) A computer developed at the University of Manchester in the late 1950s. See BABY.
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Korean girl-group Nine Muses and J-Cole hit the stage with some very different pop and rap performances.
Off the island, the Abu Dhabi corniche beach concerts will feature performances from superstars including Lebanese icon Najwa Karam, Saber Al Robai, British RnB sensation Jay Sean, Wyclef Jean, K-Pop artists Seo in Young, and Nine Muses, the statement said.
They celebrated their union with their parents and close friends at the Nine Muses Hotel and the Flamingo Taverna in Skala village.
Products and trends editor and President of Nine Muses Media Julie M Smith will present the trends and new products at the breakfast.
Smith, president of Nine Muses Media, will present the trends and new products at the breakfast.
It depicts in detailed iconography the nine Muses and goddesses protecting the arts in the company of Homer, who is the prince of poets.
For an outdoor ceremony, one of the most popular settings for weddings is at The Nine Muses sculpture by Carlos Dorrien, a piece that evokes the timelessness of ancient temples and past civilizations.
She was the eldest, and wisest, of the nine Muses and Zeus called her to mediate between Aphrodite and Persephone, who both sought possession of Adonis.
All three events opened together June 2, in the symbolic setting of Catherine the Great's little amphitheater in the Hermitage, with its squat ochre-marble columns, red marble walls, and niches displaying Apollo and the nine muses.
Part Two of the book is a powerful sequence of nine poems written in honour of the nine muses.
Other theories include a link to the nine Muses or to the mystical number nine but no one is really sure.