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see NingboNingbo
or Ningpo
, city (1994 est. pop. 612,000), NE Zhejiang prov., SE China, at the confluence of the Yong (or Ningbo) and Yao rivers. Situated at the terminus of the E Zhejiang RR, it is an industrial center and one of China's leading seaports.
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, China.



a city and major port in China, located in Chekiang Province on the Yung Chiang, on the coast of the East China Sea. Population, 237,500 (1953). The city’s industries include shipbuilding, tractor production, cotton textile manufacturing, and food processing, including flour milling and rice refining. Tea, cotton, and fish are exported.


, Ningpo
a port in E China, in NE Zhejiang, on the Yung River, about 20 km (12 miles) from its mouth at Hangzhou Bay: one of the first sites of European settlement in China. Pop.: 1 188 000 (2005 est.)
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The diaries traveled with him from Hong Kong to Ningpo and on to Canton, Shanghai, and Peking and was almost lost in 1900 when his house in Peking was destroyed during the Boxer Rebellion, but was saved together with his correspondence with his secretary James Duncan Campbell of the London Office of the IMCS.
It is possible that Hart began his diary with a view to documenting his encounter with China in case he should break off his appointment with the Consular Service and return to Ireland as he did give the latter option serious consideration during his time in Ningpo.
Chapter 3 is entitled "Hart's Induction into the Chinese Scene" and precedes the Ningpo diary entries in Chapter 4.
Ningpo was already nearly 6,000 years old when Liverpool was just a farmstead on the banks of the River Mersey at the time of Norman Conquest.
After the first big catastrophe, they obtained succour from the Jews of Ningpo.
In the sense of 'creeper', 'to creep', the character is colloquial, and accordingly the Pekingese man' p'a-cho, the Hakka man, the Ningpo maan, the Yangchow maa, the Wenchow ma, the Foochow mang.
Giles has also omitted my carefully-elaborated acknowledgments to my Canton, Foochow, Ningpo, Wenchow, Yangchow, Hakka, and other native teachers; also my account of their individual capacities; of their "records"; of the way I went about it, &c.
Parker played a significant role in the negotiations, which not only provided for commercial access of Americans to the five treaty ports of Canton, Amoy, Foochow, Ningpo, and Shanghai, but also allowed for the building of houses, hospitals, schools, and places of worship by foreigners in each of the ports.
Together, we can enable a more secure and stable digital world for our customers," said Yen-Hui, Kwan, the general manager of AMOI Electronics, Ningpo.
With the signing of the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, (9) Hong Kong Island was ceded as a colony to the British, and five coastal treaty ports were opened--Canton, Amoy, Foochow, Ningpo, and Shanghai--where missionaries were, for the first time, allowed to reside, build churches, and preach the Gospel.
After extending its operations into China in 1843, (22) the SPCK patronized the publication of Chinese Christian literature in various vernaculars, including the dialects of Mandarin, Foochow, Hangchow, Hokkien, and Ningpo.
The first advanced WALKair(TM) networks are being deployed in 8 cities in the Sichuan province, as well as Wuxi, the industrial center of the wealthy Jiangsu province, and in Ningpo of the Zhejiang province.