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Nippon Electronics Corporation

National Electrical Code

A nationally accepted guide to the safe installation of wiring and equipment; not intended as a design specification but rather for the practical safeguarding of persons and of buildings and their contents from hazards arising from the use of electricity for heat, light, power, and other purposes. Provides rules, recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, governing the installation of interior electric wiring. These rules, subject to revision every three years, a standard of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, have been incorporated in many municipal ordinances; city or state regulations take precedence where they differ from the rules of the Code.


(NEC Corporation, Tokyo,, An electronics conglomerate known in the U.S. for its monitors. In Japan, it had the lion's share of the PC market until the late 1990s (see PC 98).

NEC was founded in Tokyo in 1899 as Nippon Electric Company, Ltd. and was the first Japanese company to joint venture with a foreign enterprise, which was Western Electric Company, then part of AT&T. NEC has been involved with electrical, communications, electronics and computer products worldwide. In 1983, it was renamed NEC Corporation.

In 1985, as part of NEC Technologies (NECT), the North American subsidiary that specialized in peripherals, NEC introduced its MultiSync line, the first multifrequency monitors, which became very popular. In 1996, the CromaClear line combined the aperture grille and shadow mask into a new CRT technology for improved resolution. In 2000, a joint venture was formed with Mitsubishi to market LCD and CRT monitors. In 2005, this NEC-Mitsubishi business unit was renamed NEC Display Solutions (

In 2002, NEC restructured many of its disparate parts into NEC Solutions, which concentrated on communications. The semiconductor and system LSI business was separated into a new company, NEC Electronics Corporation ( In 2006, operations of NEC solutions were further combined, and NEC Corporation of America was formed. For more information, visit See Packard Bell NEC.
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Last year Cardiff-based property development company PMG Estates acquired the former Japanese-owned Nippon Electric Glass site in Cardiff Bay for pounds 18m.
05 billion yen for the third straight monthly rise, the Nippon Electric Big-Stores Association said Thursday in a preliminary report.
So, with increasing demand for larger size LCD glasses, Corning, the leader in the LCD glass substrate industry, along with Asahi Glass and Nippon Electric Glass are investing in technologies to fulfill the increasing demand for larger glass substrates.
Viridor Waste Management is proposing to build a pounds 150m incinerator on the site of the former Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) plant off Ocean Way, Tremorfa, Cardiff.
Investors have been reacting wildly to recent earnings figures, so there is a feeling that it's better to wait for coming earnings reports,'' she said, referring to massive buying in the brokerage sector triggered by Nomura Holdings' strong earnings announcement and broad selling on the glass sector in the wake of Nippon Electric Glass's disappointing earnings report.
In the capital, the largest deal was concluded by PMG acquiring the freehold of the former Nippon Electric Glass factory at Ocean Park, Cardiff Bay, comprising in excess of 1m sq ft on 50 acres in a strategic location.
The rise is attributable to favorable sales of digital home appliances such as DVD players/recorders and digital cameras as well as increased sales of mainstay products such as refrigerators and washing machines, the Nippon Electric Big-Stores Association said in a preliminary report.
MULTI-MILLION pound plans to develop an office complex on the former Nippon Electric Glass site in Cardiff have been unveiled.
Nippon Sheet Glass, the world's largest flat glass maker, slipped 100 yen to 2,610 yen while Nippon Electric Glass dropped 5 yen to 530 yen.
Property development company PMG Estates has praised an insurance broker in its recent successful bid for the former Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) site in Cardiff Bay.
07 billion yen, the Nippon Electric Big-Stores Association said.
Pernec was established in 1973 through a J/V between Pernas Engineering Sdn Bhd of Malaysia and Nippon Electric Company of Japan.