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Nippon Electronics Corporation

National Electrical Code

A nationally accepted guide to the safe installation of wiring and equipment; not intended as a design specification but rather for the practical safeguarding of persons and of buildings and their contents from hazards arising from the use of electricity for heat, light, power, and other purposes. Provides rules, recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, governing the installation of interior electric wiring. These rules, subject to revision every three years, a standard of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, have been incorporated in many municipal ordinances; city or state regulations take precedence where they differ from the rules of the Code.


(NEC Corporation, Tokyo,, An electronics conglomerate known in the U.S. for its monitors. In Japan, it had the lion's share of the PC market until the late 1990s (see PC 98).

NEC was founded in Tokyo in 1899 as Nippon Electric Company, Ltd. and was the first Japanese company to joint venture with a foreign enterprise, which was Western Electric Company, then part of AT&T. NEC has been involved with electrical, communications, electronics and computer products worldwide. In 1983, it was renamed NEC Corporation.

In 1985, as part of NEC Technologies (NECT), the North American subsidiary that specialized in peripherals, NEC introduced its MultiSync line, the first multifrequency monitors, which became very popular. In 1996, the CromaClear line combined the aperture grille and shadow mask into a new CRT technology for improved resolution. In 2000, a joint venture was formed with Mitsubishi to market LCD and CRT monitors. In 2005, this NEC-Mitsubishi business unit was renamed NEC Display Solutions (

In 2002, NEC restructured many of its disparate parts into NEC Solutions, which concentrated on communications. The semiconductor and system LSI business was separated into a new company, NEC Electronics Corporation ( In 2006, operations of NEC solutions were further combined, and NEC Corporation of America was formed. For more information, visit See Packard Bell NEC.
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6 percent, to 320 yen, and high-tech glass products manufacturer Nippon Electric Glass gained 23 yen, or 2.
20 July 2010 - JCR set Tuesday a preliminary AA- rating to the shelf registration of Japanese Nippon Electric Glass Co Ltd (TYO:5214), engaged in the production of glass for electronic devices.
PPG (NYSE:PPG) revealed on Monday that it signed a sale agreement for its European fibre glass operations to glass manufacturer Nippon Electric Glass Co Ltd (NEG).
Quotient will be based at an existing building at Trident Park, formerly occupied by Nippon Electric Glass, in Cardiff Bay.
PMG Estates purchased the site offOcean Way in Cardiff in March 2006 from Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) and the site represents one of the largest industrial facilities to be brought to market in South Wales in the last decade.
Also reporting Wednesday was Nippon Electric Glass, which saw a 25.
83 billion yen for the first increase in three months, the Nippon Electric Big-Store Association said Friday in a preliminary report.
As the production of glass substrate requires sophisticated technologies, only four companies, namely, US-based Corning, Japan-based AGC, Nippon Electric Glass and AvanStrate, can make the product.
A move to Trident Park, on the former Nippon Electric Glass factory site, would have helped it achieve that.
PMG purchased the site in Cardiff Bay in March 2006 from Japanese-owned Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) and the site represents one of the largest industrial facilities to be brought to market in South Wales in the last decade.
Nippon Electric Glass rose 149 yen, or nearly 11 percent, to 1,515 yen after the cathode-ray tube glass bulb maker projected Monday that its sales in the April-June quarter of fiscal 2008 ending in March next year are likely to rise 15 to 20 percent from a year earlier.
26 billion yen for the second straight monthly decline, the Nippon Electric Big-Store Association said Tuesday in a preliminary report.