Nirala, Surya Kant Tripathi

Nirala, Surya Kant Tripathi


Born 1896; died Oct. 15, 1961, in Allahabad. Indian writer. Wrote in Hindi.

Nirala was one of the founders of the chayavad romantic movement. However, he gradually abandoned romanticism in favor of realism in literature. His poetry is characterized by simplicity, expressiveness, and musicality. Nirala’s prose writings deal primarily with social criticism.

Nirala’s principal works include the verse collections Nameless (1923), New Leaves (1946), and The Sound of Songs (1954), the novels The Heavenly Maiden (1931) and Alaka (1933), and the short-story collections Lili (1933) and The Wife of Mr. Shukla (1941).


In Russian translation:
Alaka: Izbr. proza. Moscow, 1960.
Potok: Stikhi, pesni i poemy. Moscow, 1961.


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