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And in contrast to the mince pies and whisky British children put out for Santa and Rudolf, many families in Norway will leave out rice porridge for the Nisse who are believed to watch over farm animals.
37) Ruth Nisse, "A Romance of the Jewish East: The Ten Lost Tribes and the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs in Medieval Europe," Medieval Encounters 13 (2007): 510.
It means that Cafe Nisse customers and TechHub businesses can now begin making payments using the internet's virtual currency.
Specifically, as Nisse points out, each citizen contributes an individualized reading of the prophecies concerning Jesus.
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London-based Nick Buckworth is the global head of the firm's project development and finance group and co-head of its Middle East and North Africa initiative, with Ian Nisse in Abu Dhabi.
Lisaks eelkirjeldatud surnuaial asuvatele hoonetele ja lihtsatele kiriku juurdeehitistele voidi selles funktsioonis kasutada isegi eeskojas voi kiriku sissepaasu juures asetsevaid nisse, mille sisu tuletas moodujatele pidevalt meelde nende endi surelikkust.
Diversae scholae auctores dissentiunt aliudque esse existimant permutarionem rerum, aliud emptionem et venditionem, alioquin non posse rem expediri permutatis rebus, quae videatur res venisse et quae pretii nomine data esse, sed rursus ultramque rem videri et ve nisse et utramque pretii nomine data esse, absurdum videri.
In Denmark, an elf called Nisse plays tricks on children, and Julemanden brings gifts.
Farmers leave a bowl of nisse (gruel) in barns on Christmas Eve for the magic gnome who protects their farms.
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