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Noel Vanstone have been traced across the Solway Firth to Dumfries, and thence to a cottage a few miles from the town, on the banks of the Nith. The exact address is Baliol Cottage, near Dumfries.
We asked people why it's important today to highlight the area around the Nith as a great public space.
He said the ACU investigation team found that Nith had forged 30 public documents, Sa Les 17, Som four, and Pov 38.
"We are very keen to speak to anyone who may have seen the suspect in or near the Nith Place area of Johnstone to get in touch with us."
Ar ol siarad gyda fy nith, mi wnes i ddysgu bod byd yr heddlu'n wahanol iawn; dydyn nhw ddim yn gweld y byd fel ydw i.
"The Nith Valley Loyal and our community ill never forget what they've done for us."
The narrative trudges along but eventually builds up to an appropriate pace once the main characters reach Nith and interact with other human characters.
There was a high tide and flooding on the Nith when Macauley disappeared after going into the water fully clothed.
A comparison of the total number of bibliographic/ indexing-abstracting databases subscribed to by different libraries is also given in this table, which depicts that the number of bibliographic/ indexing-abstracting databases subscribed by the libraries varied drastically with PEC subscribing to only one such database; NITH, NITJ, NITK and TUP subscribing to three databases each whereas for NITS the total number of subscribed bibliographic/ indexing-abstracting databases is 5.
It was seen by two women in Auldgirth, golfers at nearby Thornhill, a man walking his dogs beside the River Nith in the village, and by another man in Sanquhar.
The first properties to find buyers included a five bedroom Keilder priced at just under pounds 350,000, a four bedroom Esk for pounds 216,000, four three bedroom semi detached Annan designs for pounds 152,950, a three bed end mews Nene for pounds 148,950, four bedroom detached Avon for pounds 207,950 and a three storey Nith, priced at pounds 305,000.
West: 1 Mr & Mrs K Guenther & g/.son, Dumfries FC (1463.420); 2 M Halliday, Dumfries FC (1348.837); 3 T E Varcoe, Nith Valley (1325.775); 4 A Russell, Nith Valley (1272.356); 5 D & R Osborne, Dumfries FC (1267.507); 6 Mrs L Hay, Nith Valley (1251.754); 7 A Russell, Nith Valley (1238.789); 8 T E Varcoe, Nith Valley (1227.494); 9 Mr & Mrs K Guenther & g/son, Dumfries FC (1198.781); 10 M Halliday, Dumfries FC (1191.562).