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Died June 14, 844 A.D. Frankish historian. Grandson of Charlemagne.

Nithard, in his work Historiarum libri IV (History, 4 Volumes), covered events up to 843 A.D. He described the struggle between Louis I the Pious’s sons—Charles II (the Bald), Louis II the German, and Lothair I—in which he himself participated on the side of Charles the Bald. He condemned internecine strife and supported centralization. The work contains unique information on the 841–843 rebellion of the Stellinga, as well as the text of the 842 Strasbourg Oath in the Low Romance and Franconian languages. The text is the earliest extant specimen of these languages.


In Quellen zur Karolingischen Reichsgeschichte, vol. 1. Berlin, 1955.
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This was obviously true for Einhard (discussed by David Ganz), but equally so for Nithard (discussed by Stuart Airlie) and even Dhuoda (discussed by Janet Nelson), who expected her son to show her handbook to others.
This was true of Einhard, Nithard, Eberhard, Dhuoda (certainly through her husband), and famously AEthelweard.