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salts of nitrous acid, HNO2. Nitrites are colorless, crystalline compounds that are thermally less stable than nitrates. The nature of decomposition depends on the cation. For example, 2Ba(NO2)2 = BaO + Ba(NO3)2 + NO2 + ½N2, whereas 2AgNO2 = AgNO3 + Ag + NO.

Almost all nitrites are highly soluble in water (an exception is AgNO2). Nitrites may have both oxidizing and reducing properties.

Nitrites are obtained by the action of a mixture of NO and NO2 on oxides and hydroxides, by the reduction of nitrates, and by exchange reactions. They are used mainly in the production of azo dyes. (The most important nitrites are described in separate articles—see, for example, SODIUM NITRITE.)

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Along with antioxidants and other substances, the nitrates and nitrites found naturally in unprocessed fruits and vegetables form nitric oxide (NO).
In spite of the weak epidemiological evidence linking nitrites to cancer and the fact that 95 per cent of all the nitrite we ingest comes from bacterial conversion of nitrates naturally found in vegetables, many consumers have a lingering concern about eating nitrite-cured processed meats.
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Nitrite-oxidizing microbes convert nitrite back into nitrate, and they are the only natural source of nitrate to the oceans.
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As an aphrodisiac, alkyl nitrites are particularly popular among the homosexual community.