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The carbon fractions study was published in the Open Journal of Soil Science, and the nitrogen cycling study appeared in Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, both in 2012.
She knew she'd be back--and sure enough, in 2006 she became an undergraduate summer student fellow in geochemist Karen Casciotti's laboratory studying microorganisms involved in nitrogen cycling.
Ross DJ, Scott NA, Tate KR, Rodda NJ, Townsend JA (2001) Root effects on soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in a Pings radiata D.
It offered 90% survival but again failed to improve the nitrogen cycling ability.
Proteobacteria are critical for carbon and nitrogen cycling in the soil, and the fact that they are more likely to stay close to home during dust storms is good news for soil health, Acosta-Martinez says.
Our primary objective was to examine the linkages between nitrogen cycling and soil hydrology in a manner that considers how the temporal and spatial variability of soil properties govern these processes and ultimately the soil's ability to regulate stream water quantity and quality in oak woodlands.
The data we collect will allow us to understand mechanisms of nitrogen cycling, determine how to increase the rates of the cellular reactions, and identify the genes that play a crucial role in the process.
According to Knops, the higher nitrogen residence time creates a positive feedback that redistributes nitrogen from the soil into the plant's nitrogen cycling, and this strengthened the species to support its invasion.