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Considering the fact that the content of nitrogen monoxide metabolites (NMOM) in EBC reflects the activity of an inflammatory process, especially in patients with eosinophilic bronchitis, making an analysis of this index seemed to be reasonable.
ABB's UV-RAS Technology can measure very low concentrations of Nitrogen Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Sulphur Dioxide in one analyzer.
The intensity of the voltage is directly dependent on the amount of nitrogen monoxide in the patient's breath.
In contrast to Diesel fuel [8], the emission of nitrogen monoxide from shale oil at light and moderate loads is much lower (Fig.
According to this data, the farming industry is the principal source of methane (CH4) and nitrogen monoxide (N2O) emissions.
* withdrawal of 16 OESs: clichlorvos, divinylbenzene (mixed isomers), furfuryl alcohol (FA), glycerol trinitrate, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, sulphur dioxide, propylene dinitrate, ethylene dinitrate, subtilisins, sulphuric acid and five glycidyl ethers (2,3-epoxpropyl ethers).