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Moreover, nitrophenols and methylphenol sources have been related to vehicular emissions [6,7] Phenols may occur naturally via biodegradation of humic products, for example tannins and lignins [8].
Nitrophenol compounds have wide applications in various medical, chemical, and poison production industries.
Exposure of the general population to nitrophenol isomers is mainly through ambient air and drinking water.
The release of p- nitrophenol was measured at 405 nm from a p- nitrophenol standard curve.
A solution of 4-nitrophenol in buffer was used to determine the molar absorptivity of the nitrophenol produced by the hydrolysis of paraoxon; the molar absorptivity at 405 nm (pH 8.
The retention of nitrophenol isomers was even stronger and a mixture of methanol and water (80/20) was used to get the following capacity factors k' for both sorbents: o-nitrophenol--1.
Enzymatic activity of alkaline phosphatases at various concentrations of Naja naja karachiensis venom in terms of para- nitrophenol (PNP) released.
The amount of nitrophenol released was determined by comparison with a standard nitrophenol curve and expressed as [micro]mol/30 min/mg protein.
This mixture was incubated at 37 oC for 30 minutes and liberated para nitrophenol was recorded at 410 nm.
The assay was based on monitoring the production of yellow colored p- nitrophenol (lmax = 400 nm) from bis-(p-nitrophenyl) phosphate by NPPI action [39].
One unit of enzyme is defined as the amount of enzyme required to release 1 umol of p- nitrophenol per min.