Nizhnie Sergi

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Nizhnie Sergi


a city and center of Nizhnie Sergi Raion, Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR. It is situated on the western slopes of the Central Urals. Railroad station (Nizhneserginskaia) on the Druzhinino-Berdiaush line, 120 km southwest of Sverdlovsk.

Nizhnie Sergi arose in 1743 in connection with the establishment of an ironworks. It became a city in 1943. During Soviet times, the city’s metallurgical plant was completely rebuilt.

Nizhnie Sergi, a balneological resort, has moderately warm summers (average July temperature, 17°C), and moderately cold winters (average January temperature, —16°C). The annual precipitation is 510 mm. Therapeutic remedies include a mineral spring, whose water has the following chemical composition:

The water is used for drinking and for baths. Sapropel mud from Lake Moltai is also used as treatment. Patients with digestive disorders are treated. The resort has a sanatorium and facilities for hydrotherapy and pelotherapy. There is a plant for bottling mineral water.

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This paper is based on two cups from a locality on the right bank of the Serga River 8 km south of the town of Nizhnie Sergi, 500 m south of the Katnikova Cave (Fig.