see NzingaNzinga
or Njinga,
c.1583–1663, queen of the Mbundu people in what is now Angola. In 1622, she represented her brother, King Mbande of Ndongo, in talks with the Portuguese, who had established a fort at Luanda and were encroaching on Mbundu land in their quest to
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The book includes several illustrations; a notable one is a drawing of Njinga meeting with a Portuguese governor using a servant as a chair.
Manzinga es el plural de Nzinga, una etnia del rio Lindi en el Congo, en donde goberno el rey Nzinga hacia 1570 y la reina NjingaNzinga en el XVII: en kikongo njinga nzinga significa <<reina de la etnia nzinga>>.
Njinga Rainha de Angola, directed by Sergio Graciano, was one of the must-see films at Film Africa 2014--London's biggest celebration of African cinema.
In early this week, the BNA governor introduced a 20 metallic kwanza coin, which would complement the series issued in 2012 in tribute to Queen Njinga Mbande in recognition of her role to defend self-determination and cultural identity of her people.
10) Truces were negotiated with Native Americans of Amazonia and Bahia and in Angola also with their long-time nemesis, Queen Njinga of Matamba.
The samba also evokes Queen Njinga (1582-1663) who, after being baptized as Ana de Sousa, finally resisted Portuguese domination in Angola.
The biographies include Njinga of Matamba, circa 1663, and the contemporary Elizabeth of Toro.
Un segundo drama de Maria Rosa Galvez, la nunca representada Zinda (1804), permite a Julia Bordiga Grinstein explorar un caso de coincidencia entre la legendaria reina Nzinga-Mbandi, un encendido discurso antiesclavista del siglo XVIII y un moderno renacimiento de Njinga "muchino a muhaito.
This survey ranges dramatically from Isadora Duncan through Benjamin Britten's Curlew River to Pauline Oliveros's Njinga the Queen King.
Lareine Njinga (qui regna de 1624 a 1663), la plus influente figure de l'Angola au dixseptieme siecle, tolera souvent la presence des chretiens au debut de son regne et elle fut une fervente chretienne pendant les dernieres annees de sa vie (1655-1663) (4).
Oliveros was working hard on an elaborate stage project, Njinga, the Queen King, which premiered in New York City in late 1993.
She is writing a biography of Queen Njinga of Angola.