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At the Children's Hospital, the gallant steed, the Noah's ark, yellow bird, and the officer in the Guards, were made as welcome as their child-owner.
However, they were all carried up into a fresh airy room, and there Johnny came to himself, out of a sleep or a swoon or whatever it was, to find himself lying in a little quiet bed, with a little platform over his breast, on which were already arranged, to give him heart and urge him to cheer up, the Noah's ark, the noble steed, and the yellow bird; with the officer in the Guards doing duty over the whole, quite as much to the satisfaction of his country as if he had been upon Parade.
When I'm a man, I shall make a boat with a wooden house on the top of it, like Noah's ark, and keep plenty to eat in it,--rabbits and things,--all ready.
One afternoon in the week before Christmas, I came upon Lena and her funny, square-headed little brother Chris, standing before the drugstore, gazing in at the wax dolls and blocks and Noah's Arks arranged in the frosty show window.
The Noah's arks are packed one within another, with clockwork horses harnessed to them; the soldiers, knapsack on back, are kissing their hands to the dear foolish girls, who, however, will not be left behind them; all the four-footed things gather around the elephant, who is overful of drawing-room furniture; the birds flutter their wings; the man with the scythe mows his way through the crowd; the balloons tug at their strings; the ships rock under a swell of sail, everything is getting ready for the mighty exodus into the Strand.
By a bold poetical licence, most of these Noah's Arks had knockers on the doors; inconsistent appendages, perhaps, as suggestive of morning callers and a Postman, yet a pleasant finish to the outside of the building.
Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson has congratulated Activ for its commitment to re-establish Noah's Ark WA, and for providing certainty for young people with disability and their families.
Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department is seeking representatives from churches in Williamson and Franklin counties to learn about a free health/life-saving program through Operation Noah's Ark workshops.
Status quo is being challenged, with creative power houses in the industry such as Insight, DDB Lagos, SO and U, Rosabell and Lowe Lintas, et al, being given a run for their money by relatively young agencies, such as Noah's Ark, X3M and the industry is being seen as the better for it.
HUNDREDS of people gathered at Cardiff Bay Barrage to take part in the Noah's Ark Appeal's annual family fun walk.
LOS ANGELES The Skirball Cultural Center's Noah's Ark exhibit opened in 2007, but it's still a tough ticket.
The Story of Noah's Ark Helen Dardik Running Press c/o Perseus Book Group 250 W.