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62) In some cases, the authorities even confiscated existing noble estates.
As shown above, large noble estates had higher production capacities and greater economic efficiency.
According to my calculations, large noble estates and a portion of medium-sized ones generated more income than small estates, while permitting a relatively lower level of peasant exploitation.
For Ingermanland, 291 noble estates are listed in the register (for 272 of them, there is information on the number of households and male souls).
While Randolph acknowledges an important political function of the noble estate, Stites appears much more skeptical.
A different food truck is parked outside every weekend, shared with Noble Estate Urban located across the lot.
Race courses wend through three wineries - Noble Estate Vineyard, Sweet Cheeks Winery and Sylvan Ridge Winery.
Scott Cellars and Noble Estate and the Viking Braggot honey-flavored beers.
The Union sought to mitigate the land reform by convincing Czech officiais of the advantages of preserving noble estates, including the protection of property rights and the relative efficiency of large-scale agriculture.
The decline of wealth reflected in probate records at the end of the century was dramatic, for the international depression in agricultural prices combined with the rigidity of long-term leases to reduce the value of noble estates, a decline exacerbated by World War I, which Cardoza's sees as marking the end of an era for the Piedmontese nobility.