Nogami Yaeko

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Nogami Yaeko


Born May 8, 1885, in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu. Japanese writer. Member of the Japan Art Academy.

In 1906, Nogami graduated from the Meiji Women’s School. In her youth she was influenced by Natsume Soseki. Her first work, the novella Fate, was published in 1907. Her novels about youth are well known— Machiko (1928–30), A Gloomy Procession (1935), Young Son (1935), and Labyrinth (1948–56; Russian translation, vols. 1–2, 1963). Labyrinth, a novel on a grand scale, examines the lives of young people during the rise of the fascist dictatorship in Japan.

Nogami is the author of the historical novel Hideyoshi and Rikyu (1962–63), about a 16th-century dictator and his master of the tea ceremony. Nogami’s drama The Rotting House (1927) deals with the decline of an ancient family.


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