Nogmov, Shora

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Nogmov, Shora Bekmurzovich


(also, S. B. Nogma). Born 1794, in the village of Dzhitsu, near Piatigorsk; died June 10 (22), 1844, in St. Petersburg. Kabardin educator, historian, philologist, poet, and social figure.

Nogmov was the son of a petty nobleman. After completing his studies at a madrasa he rejected the religious life. He taught Russian and Turkish in Nal’chik. From 1830 to 1835, Nogmov served in the Life Guards in St. Petersburg. In 1825 he became an educator. He created the Kabardin-Circassian alphabet and compiled the first alphabet book and grammar of the Kabardin language. From 1838 to 1842, Nogmov served as a legal secretary in Kabarda.

Nogmov wrote the historical and literary-folkloric work The History of the Adygeian People (1861). His books reflect the struggle of the Adygeian people for independence from Turkey, the Crimean Tatars, and other aggressors and for the voluntary union of Kabarda with Russia. Nogmov’s works are the product of his intense study of the life, legends, and songs of his people. He supported the creation of national schools.


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