Noh drama

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Noh drama:

see Asian dramaAsian drama,
dramatic works produced in the East. Of the three major Asian dramas—Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese—the oldest is Sanskrit, although the dates of its origin are uncertain.
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It always turns out towards the end of the Noh drama that what has been presented and performed onstage about the love story is nothing but a dream or a reflection of illusion conjured up in the waki's mind.
References to Japan, and especially to Noh drama, occur as counterpoints to fallen civilizations, poor government, and cultures that lack artistic vision.
Momose (Chuo U.) examines the relationship between Shakespearean drama and Noh theater, their dramaturgical and ideological aspects, "structural as well as spiritual." He begins with describing the basic elements of Noh drama and key playwrights, followed by parallels between Noh and Shakespearean drama.
When I listen to that voice, I feel I can remember the past." No doubt he's bored silly, since Noh drama has never had a popular audience, and its performers speak a language almost no one understands anymore; during the Edo period, before 1868, its audiences were mainly from the samurai class, which was never large and disappeared long before Teruo's birth.
Yeats had been much enamored of Japanese Noh drama for some time and had earlier drawn on aspects of Noh theater in The Dreaming of the Bones, Calvary, and The Words upon the Windowpane.
With music and lyrics by "Saturday Night Live" music director Lenny Pickett and additional lyrics by Lindsey Turner, it chucks every tired convention of contempo tuners and reaches instead to traditions like African puppetry and Japanese Noh drama.
He's mastering a new form, that of Japanese Noh drama, which integrates highly formalized dances with acting, singing, music and masks.
Aside from being perhaps the greatest swordsman who ever lived, he was also a dedicated poet, sculptor, and gardener, as well as knowing the "Way of the Tea; and was adept the recitation of Noh drama, garden design, and perhaps even carpentry."
It would have been very difficult for them to understand the aesthetics of Noh drama, with its underlying concept of "Yugen"--poetic gracefulness with a Buddhist sense of mutability--and the subtle symbolism of the masks.
Regarding the Laura Owens quote about a painting not telling you what it knows, I couldn't help but think of Japanese Noh drama, in which every line is somehow an evocation of previous literature, unspoken but recognized by the audience.
Navy officials to a torchlight performance of traditional Japanese Noh drama to be staged outdoors in October, breaking its tradition of inviting them every year, they said.
His doctoral dissertation was on Yeats and Noh drama, and he continues to write poetry and criticism, and raise a family.