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Short-staple, wool fiber combings used in the manufacture of worsted fabrics.
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a short fiber obtained by combing cotton, wool, flax, silk, and other fibers. Noils are highly contaminated by impurities. Almost all types of noils are processed, generally with normal fibers, into yarn.

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Likewise blends of silk and cotton sandwashed twills have the possibility for strong consumer appeal, as do sandwashed noils. (Silk producers in India, Bangladesh and Thailand could possibly profit from this potential by sandwashing their traditional handloomed silks, thus producing the combined effect of an enhanced texture plus the characteristic brilliant colours of these silks.)
* The retail prices for cotton yarns and noils obtained by the spinning mills were taken from a survey consulting different yarn traders and spinning mills in September 2015.
Leigh Fibers 52 Accord Park Drive, Norwell, MA 02061; (617)871-5860; Telex, 94-0962 Tensile Trade Cut Breaking Specific Strength Fiber Type Name Denier Length(in) Elngtn % Gravity (g/den) PE Staple 1-3 Various PE Staple 3-15 Various PP Process 1 1/2 Various to 15 Nylon Process 1 1/2 Various to 15 Viscose Staple 1-8 Various Rayon 1-5 PP Staple 2-6 Various PP Process 2-15 Various Cotton Noils 3/4- 1 Cotton Process 3/4- Blends 1 1/8 Properties Uses Spun Yarns, Nonwovens Blanket Industrial, Filtration, Nonwovens Batting, Filtration, Nonwovens Nonwovens Batting Nonwovens, Spinning Nonwovens, Spinning Nonwovens Absorbent Batting, Spinning Nonwovens Batting, Spinning
Combers: Laps Fed = 85.6272 Noils Extracted @ 18% = 85.6272 x 0.18 =15.412 LBS Combed Sliver Delivered = 85.6272 15.4129 = 70.2143 LBS
MATERIALS * 3 skeins Kenzie by Hikoo, 50% New Zealand merino, 25% nylon, 10% angora, 5% silk noils (160 yds/50g) in color 1018 * U.S.
Waste extraction (Noils) =18%, Speed of combers=350 Nips / minute