Noise reduction

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noise reduction

[′nȯiz ri‚dək·shən]
(engineering acoustics)
A process whereby the average transmission of the sound track of a motion picture print, averaged across the track, is decreased for signals of low level; since background noise introduced by the sound track is less at low transmission, this process reduces noise during soft passages.

Noise reduction

Reducing the level of unwanted sound by any of several means of acoustical treatment.

noise reduction, NR

The difference in decibels between the average sound pressure levels produced in two rooms by a sound source in one of them.
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To achieve a greater level of noise reductionin the cockpit -- where noise levels can reach 105 dBA --the A20 Aviation Headset uses a new, more advanced approach to active noise reduction,leveragingthe technology used in the acclaimed Bose([R]) QuietComfort([R]) 15 consumer headphones for the more demanding applications of pilots.
An adaptation of the noise reduction systems adopted in aeronautics to reduce the level of sound perceived, SIL-K ACT is a unique technology that actively transforms sound.
to local owners of Stage II jets to provide financial encouragement for upgrading to Stage III, or add noise reduction devices, as well as making noise reduction incentives to helicopter owners.
General Motors' new 32-valve Northstar engine, which powers the Cadillac Seville and Eldorado sedans, also makes significant strides in noise reduction.
DALLAS, Texas -- Topaz Labs announces "IntelliNoise," a new proprietary noise reduction technology that specializes in removing image noise while recovering detail.
The personalized noise reduction software does not require any change in the hardware and can be executed on any hardware platform.
Professional-Grade NoiseBuster Active Noise Reduction Earmuff Delivers Best Hearing Protection
Wall, ceiling, and floor panels provide outstanding noise reduction.
Noise and noise reduction are major problems in many work areas.
Powerful Blackfin processing enables up to 10dB (A) broadband noise reduction across entire audible spectrum.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- Specifically designed to reduce aircraft engine noise for airport ground support crews as well as aircraft maintenance and technical personnel, the NoiseBuster Active Noise Reduction ("ANR") Safety Earmuff combines an ANSI-rated 26NRR passive earmuff with active noise reduction electronics that deliver up to an additional 20dB of low-frequency noise attenuation.
Growth in air pollution, diesel exhaust and noise reduction opportunities prompts promotion of Universal Silencer's Mr.