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(nōm), city (1990 pop. 3,500), W Alaska, on the southern side of Seward Peninsula, on Norton Sound; founded c.1898, when gold was discovered on the beach there. It is the commercial, government, and supply center for NW Alaska, with an airport. Major economic mainstays are mining, tourism, fishing, and government. The city is also a center of Eskimo handicrafts. Nome was a gold rush town from 1899 to 1903; it attracted some 20,000 prospectors, but many died or left because of the hardships. Dredging, which replaced older methods of mining, ceased in 1962, but was renewed in the 1980s. The city is the scene of an annual Midnight Sun Festival and is the terminus of the annual IditarodIditarod
, abandoned town in SW Alaska, site of a 1908 gold rush, on the Iditarod River. The town site and river lie on the Iditarod National Historic Trail, 2,350 mi (3,781 km) long, a gold-seekers' route from Seward to Nome (see National Parks and Monuments, table), and
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 dogsled race. Cape Nome lies to the southeast.
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an administrative district (sepat in Egyptian) in ancient Egypt. Each nome had a political and religious center, an army, its own symbolic representation (an emblem), and patron gods. The administrative apparatus of the nome was under the authority of the nomarch. The number of nomes and the size of the nomes were not fixed. In the lists of nomes in the temples of the pharaohs Snefru and Neuserre, from the Fourth and Fifth dynasties of the Old Kingdom (28th to 23rd centuries B.C.), 37 nomes are listed, 22 in Upper Egypt and 15 in Lower Egypt. The 42 deities presiding at the court of Osiris, mentioned in the 125th chapter of the Book of the Dead (the ancient Egyptian anthology of incantations and hymns), corresponded to the 42 nomes of the New Kingdom (c. 1580 B.C. to c. 1070 B.C.). The official number of 42 (or sometimes 44) nomes in the records of Greco-Roman Egypt did not reflect the actual administrative division of the country into new administrative units, the urban districts.


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a city in western Alaska in the USA, on the Seward Peninsula. Population, 2,500 (1970). A port on Norton Bay, Nome has an airport and is the commercial and distribution center of the region. Fish are caught and processed, and handicrafts are practiced. Now a center for tourism, Nome was founded at the end of the 19th century at the start of the gold rush.

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(GNU Network Object Modeling Environment) A GUI-based user interface for Linux and other Unix environments that grew out of the GNU Project. Providing an alternative to the KDE interface, GNOME is either pronounced "guh-nome" or "nome." Companies such as Red Hat, Inc. ( and Ximian (, formerly Helix Code, Inc. and acquired by Novell, support the GNOME environment. For more information, visit See Linux, KDE and GNU.

A GNOME Desktop
Similar to other graphical interfaces such as on the Mac and Windows, this is a sample GNOME desktop with an open application. (Screen shot courtesy of Helix Code, Inc.)
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Para ultrapassar essa dificuldade sugerimos seguir no Cratilo a argumentacao de Socrates em torno da teoria naturalista sobre a "correcao dos nomes".
Os Kaingang possuem um estoque de nomes proprios que podem ser dados ao se nominar as criancas.
"The insurance industry loves risks that are engineered," said Randy Nomes, executive vice president with Aon Risk Solutions.
Estimulos que eliciam respostas de ansiedade foram empregados, tambem, no estudo de Plaud (1995), em que foi comparado o efeito da inclusao nas classes de estimulos temidos pelas participantes (nomes de especies de cobras) e de estimulos que nao eliciavam respostas de medo (nomes de flores).
Eles nem sempre entenderam, como passaram a conceber a partir do seculo XIX, que o "nome proprio e uma coisa capital" em um romance, segundo a celebre frase de Gustave Flaubert; nem sempre praticaram a nomeacao motivada, atribuindo um significado aos nomes de suas personagens, relacionado com os caracteres que lhes deram ou o destino que lhes reservaram; nem sempre se utilizaram dos nomes correntes para batizar os filhos de sua imaginacao; e ate nem sempre os batizaram; e nem sempre puderam batiza-los livremente.