Nominal Value

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nominal value

[′näm·ə·nəl ′val·yü]
The value of some property (such as resistance, capacitance, or impedance) of a device at which it is supposed to operate, under normal conditions, as opposed to actual value.
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Nominal Value


(1) The face value shown on securities such as stocks and bonds and on banknotes and coins. The rate of exchange of securities may deviate from their face value.

(2) The nominal price of a commodity, shown in a price list or on the commodity itself.

(3) The retail price printed on books, sheet music, graphic art, maps, and periodical literature intended for sale. In the USSR, nominal value depends on the size and cost of the publication, factors that are in turn differentiated by type and purpose of the literature, by format, and by the quality of the paper used. For graphic production, the differentiation is based on the amount of illustrative material, the number of colors, and the method of reproduction. Wholesale, that is, publishers’, prices are set at a percentage of nominal value. Retail prices for printed materials are uniform; changes in face value are permitted for used and rare publications.

Prices for printed material in the socialist countries are set at the minimum level of profitability and take account of the sociological factor in price formation. In the capitalist countries, printed material generates substantial profit.


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The strike price attached to the warrant could be adjusted if the par or nominal value of Odeabank's shares change.
The period of repayment of the third category was set at 10 years, at a nominal value of 100 dinars, over 8 tranches and with an interest rate of 6.35 %.
Medical Care with a capitalization of SR 448.5 million launched 13.5 million shares worth SR 135 million on IPO, accounting for 30 percent of its total shares, at the rate of SR 27 nominal value per share.
The IC starts to turn off when the voltage drop across its terminals exceeds a nominal value of [+ or -]1.5 V In off-state, the switch can withstand up to [+ or -]20 V across its terminals.
The bank intends to sell 13m ordinary shares with a nominal value of RUB50 each.
The firm has also repurchased USD10.7m nominal value RMB USD settled 10 percent senior notes, due 2014, in an open market purchase, for approximately USD8.2m, reflecting a discount from par.
The Iberdrola shares have a nominal value of EUR0.75 (USD1.09), while the nominal value of the Iberdrola Renovables stock is EUR0.50.Country: Spain, Sector: UtilitiesType: MergerStatus: AgreedComment: Iberdrola shares part of the deal are worth USD273.1m based on nominal value.
Romania's Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family has released its semi-annual report on nominal value of meal tickets for the first semester of 2010, starting with March.
These actions, called class A, are issued at their nominal value of DZD 200.
The reverse stock split was consolidation of every five existing shares with a nominal value of 0.24 euros each into four new shares with a nominal value of 0.30 euros each.
The consortium led by state-owned Bank Mandiri and PT Anugerah Cipta Investama (ACI) has won a tender for credit assets of 13 companies owned by Bob Hasan with a nominal value of Rp 8 trillion held by IBRA.
First, physical design changes have improved its stability and allowed an increase of its nominal value by an order of magnitude to 10 pF.