Nominal Value

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nominal value

[′näm·ə·nəl ′val·yü]
The value of some property (such as resistance, capacitance, or impedance) of a device at which it is supposed to operate, under normal conditions, as opposed to actual value.

Nominal Value


(1) The face value shown on securities such as stocks and bonds and on banknotes and coins. The rate of exchange of securities may deviate from their face value.

(2) The nominal price of a commodity, shown in a price list or on the commodity itself.

(3) The retail price printed on books, sheet music, graphic art, maps, and periodical literature intended for sale. In the USSR, nominal value depends on the size and cost of the publication, factors that are in turn differentiated by type and purpose of the literature, by format, and by the quality of the paper used. For graphic production, the differentiation is based on the amount of illustrative material, the number of colors, and the method of reproduction. Wholesale, that is, publishers’, prices are set at a percentage of nominal value. Retail prices for printed materials are uniform; changes in face value are permitted for used and rare publications.

Prices for printed material in the socialist countries are set at the minimum level of profitability and take account of the sociological factor in price formation. In the capitalist countries, printed material generates substantial profit.


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1 Bonds for a nominal value of NOK 3 billion will be offered by uniform price auction.
Due to the uncertainty concerning the Greek bond swap program, the group has cut the nominal value of the bonds it holds by 60 per cent, a fact that affects net profits," a joint statement by BoC chairman Theodoros Aristodimou and CEO Andreas Eliades said.
gauge blocks, it is usually more useful to state the "deviation from the nominal value.
b) Class B ordinary shares with a nominal value of EUR0.
ordinary shares, each having a nominal value of NIS 1.
PA) (LSE: BNP) (OTC: BNPQY) is preparing to make a second offer to buy Spanish asset-backed securities with a total nominal value of around EUR9.
The Offeror makes a public offer ("Offer") for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares in the capital of Airspray with a nominal value of EUR 0.
Purchase and delivery of food vouchers to customers the Social Welfare Centre in Katowice, with a total nominal value of PLN 1 200 000, in the following amounts - 2 000 pcs.
A Chinese lawmaker has proposed that the central bank should issue banknotes with a nominal value of CNY500.
Increase of the Company's authorised share capital in order to bring it from its current amount of EUR 89,798,407 represented by 16,000,000 shares without nominal value to the new amount of EUR 134,697,610.
The estimated nominal value of food vouchers per month for each employee is 60 BGN;
sterling]35,000,000 in nominal value of B loan notes and [pounds