Non-Tax Revenues

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Non-Tax Revenues


a type of national and local governmental budgetary income. Under capitalism, this includes revenue arising from state-owned enterprises and from the issue of bonds and paper money.

Under socialism, a distinction is made between non-tax revenues in the broad and in the narrow sense. In the broad sense, non-tax revenues are state revenues derived from socialist enterprises. They constitute more than 90 percent of all state budgetary income and include payments from profits and turnover tax receipts.

Non-tax revenues in the narrow sense are revenues received as payment for the use of state resources or property or as compensation for services provided by the state to legal or physical persons. These include payments for the use of state resources, such as forestry revenue and payments for peat extracted for fuel; income from the sale of property either belonging to the state, confiscated, ownerless, or passed to the state by right of inheritance; revenue from the sale of unclaimed freight; and various types of fixed charges, such as those collected for state inspection of weights and measures or for registration of trademarks.


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Non-tax revenues also included Rs 14.850 billion through the development surcharge on gas, Rs 6.408 billion through the discount retained on crude oil and Rs 26.284 billion from royalties on oil and gas.
In addition to the abovementioned tax, the ministry will also undertake more initiatives to improve tax compliance to ensure collection is maximised from both direct and indirect taxes, in addition to enhancing non-tax revenue by maximising cost recovery of government assets, among others.
Non-tax revenues surged during the said period as well.
This year's budget board effort includes $1.2 billion in general revenue gains - that's non-tax revenue, folks - from initiatives like charging state employees to park in state-owned garages and speeding up the parole process to reduce prison populations.
According to the data, the non-tax defence revenues were recorded at Rs12, 779 million, passport fee Rs15, 932 million, discount retained on crude price Rs9, 110 million, royalties on oil and gas Rs58, 216 million, windfall levy against crude oil Rs3, 904 million, petroleum levy on LPG Rs2, 122 million while the other non-tax revenues were recorded at Rs117, 793 million.
Cumulatively, the central bank has given at least Rs328 billion to the federal government, which is one-third of its non-tax revenue receipts for fiscal year 2016-17 that ended on June 30.
On the other hand Non-tax revenue of the Government reached Rs 138.7 billion during the period under consideration, representing 75% of the target, up 57% compared to Rs.
NON-TAX REVENUE Rs771.9 billion Defence Affairs and Services Rs1100.3 billion
"The Punjab government focused on comprehensive taxation reforms for the collection of tax and non-tax revenue in order to increase the indigenous resources of the province," said the minister.Dr Ayesha Ghaus said the government was working to introduce online tax collection procedures in order to minimize tax evasion and to increase the direct interaction with the taxpayers.
Among the non-tax revenue, major collections came from profits offered by the State Bank of Pakistan and mark-up from public sector entities.
However, a YoY decline of 22.4 percent in non-tax revenue collection during Jul-Mar FY16 eroded much of gains from higher tax growth.
According to the official, a similar growth was projected to realise from a number of tax and non-tax revenue lines, whose rates have not been revised for more than five years after adjustment of inflation.