Non-Tax Revenues

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Non-Tax Revenues


a type of national and local governmental budgetary income. Under capitalism, this includes revenue arising from state-owned enterprises and from the issue of bonds and paper money.

Under socialism, a distinction is made between non-tax revenues in the broad and in the narrow sense. In the broad sense, non-tax revenues are state revenues derived from socialist enterprises. They constitute more than 90 percent of all state budgetary income and include payments from profits and turnover tax receipts.

Non-tax revenues in the narrow sense are revenues received as payment for the use of state resources or property or as compensation for services provided by the state to legal or physical persons. These include payments for the use of state resources, such as forestry revenue and payments for peat extracted for fuel; income from the sale of property either belonging to the state, confiscated, ownerless, or passed to the state by right of inheritance; revenue from the sale of unclaimed freight; and various types of fixed charges, such as those collected for state inspection of weights and measures or for registration of trademarks.


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ISLAMABAD -- The federal government is heavily depending on non-tax revenue and provinces to generate Rs347 billion surplus budget to keep country's budget deficit at below 5.
In 2019, combined tax and non-tax revenues are seen further rising to P3.
For the last fiscal year 2016-17, the federal government had planned to list three power distribution companies at the Pakistan Stock Exchange to raise non-tax revenues.
He called for finding non-tax revenues through utilizing the country's resources.
Muscat, Sept 12 (ONA) The Non-Tax Revenues of the Sultanate in 2014 stood at RO 1.
The performance of non-tax revenues will be reduced by $4 million.
He said that Sindh Government should emphasize on non-tax revenues through collection of user charges and fee.
7 percent and non-tax revenues improving by 3 percent due to the transfer of telecom receipts.
We observe a low to moderate growth in both provincial tax and non-tax revenues of all provinces (Table 1).
ANKARA, Jul 31, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Treasury's total non-tax revenues amounted to 3.
A vote-on-account gives an idea of the tax compliance, tax buoyancy in different segments of the economy and of the effectiveness of the policies to mobilise tax as well as non-tax revenues.
On the revenues side, Jordan government budget is mainly divided among tax revenues, non-tax revenues and repayments.