nondestructive testing

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nondestructive testing

[¦nän·di′strək·div ′test·iŋ]
A technique for revealing flaws and defects in a material or device without damaging or destroying the test sample; includes use of x-rays, ultrasonics, radiography, and magnetic flux.

Nondestructive testing

Testing that does not destroy the object being tested. Techniques include the use of strain gauges, x-rays, and ultrasound.

nondestructive testing (NDT)

Techniques of testing aircraft parts and components without altering or destroying physical or material properties or the integrity of the part. It is used to detect cracks and manufacturing defects. Some of the methods include X-ray, eddy current, magnetic, and dye penetrant testing. See eddy current testing, magnetic inspection, and dye penetrant testing.
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The investigation is focused on on-line monitoring and successive non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of specimens subjected to impact tests, using lock-in thermography.
Roberts, "A robotic system for non-destructive evaluation of RCF cracks in rails using an ACFM sensor," 5th IET, 29-30, 2011.
The model based on RBF neural network is useful tool in the non-destructive evaluation of the pull-off adhesion of concrete floor layers without the need to damage the top layer fragment 50 mm in diameter from the base, which is the main drawback of the pull-off method.
TestPEP will complete early in 2013, when the team will specify a complete approach to the automated non-destructive evaluation of welded joints in plastic pipes.
The AIR-532 Laser Ultrasonic Receiver is for component inspection and non-destructive evaluation of material properties.
Raytheon's (Lexington, MA) Reliability Analysis Laboratory (RAL) has expanded its electronic component analysis services to include more detailed investigations in the areas of materials characterization, non-destructive evaluation and test (NDE/NDT), surface analysis of microprocessors, discrete components, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies.
0 is capable of solving three-dimensional (3D) applications that involve voltage or current sources with arbitrary waveforms important for the design of Non-Destructive Evaluation, MRI, and power-transformer equipment.
A non-destructive evaluation investigates moisture penetration into a roofing assembly.
Working under the watchful eye of NASA engineering technician Bob Berry, they arranged the puzzling clods under the lens of an industrial X-ray machine at Langley Research Center's non-destructive evaluation radiographic lab.
Robinson is Senior Engineer, Non-Destructive Evaluation International, Davidson, North Carolina.
He also spoke about how the role of the sterile insect technique, pioneered by the IAEA, in eradicating the tsetse flies in parts of Africa and how radiography is one of the number of non-destructive evaluation tools, which have helped Nepal and Ecuador to determine damages to public buildings in danger of collapse after earthquakes.

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