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empty set

[′em·tē ′set]
The set with no elements.

Empty Set


(or null set), the set that contains no elements. The concept of the empty set, like the concept of zero, arises from the need to have the result of any operation on sets also be a set. The source of the concept of the empty set is the very method of defining a set by a characteristic property of its elements, since it may not be known beforehand whether elements possessing the property do in fact exist. Thus, it still is not known whether the equation xn + yn = zn, where n is an integer greater than 2, can be solved for x, y, and z if x, y, and z are natural numbers. In other words, it still is not known whether the set of those n > 2 for which the equation is solvable is empty or nonempty.

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2 Let U be a non-empty finite university, C is a family of subsets of U.
The fact that the Perron-Bremermann family is non-empty is a direct consequence of the following result.
A deterministic finite automaton (DFA) V = (Q, [summation], [delta], q1, F) consists of a finite non-empty set Q of states, a finite non-empty alphabet E, a transition function 5 : Q x [summation] [right arrow] Q, an initial state q1 [member of] Q, and a set F [?
tau]]) : Whenever S x K [right arrow] K is a weak* jointly continuous non-expansive action on a non-empty weak* compact convex subset K of a dual E* of a Banach space E, such that for all non-void weak* closed and S-invariant subset B of K with the property s.
Neutrosophic Intuitionistic Set of Type 1 [8]: Let X be a non-empty fixed set.
Lemma 3 Let [sigma], [tau] be non-empty normal swords of height at most h and [tau][sigma] = [sigma][tau].
A well-founded tree is a non-empty partially ordered set T = (V S) such that for every two elements t1 t2 their infimum exists and the set {t ' cV : t ' less than t} is a well- ordered chain for every t cV .
Formally, a non-empty string w is a palindrome if w = [w.
Let S be a non-empty subset of a Banach space X = (X, [parallel]x[parallel]).
It is not compatible with a world in which there is no H or M, because it asserts that 1) both the set of humans and the set of mortals are nonempty, and 2) their intersection too is non-empty, i.

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